Sunday, May 6, 2012

The New Year and Babies

The new year is upon us and it is already May! I can not believe it! I hope everyone is having a wonderful year so far! My year has had its ups and downs, in my life it always seems that when I have things going the way I want something always comes and wrecks my idea of how my life is going to go. In the short year I have learned many things. I know my Father in Heaven teaches me everyday and yes they may not be the lessons that I want to learn at that time but I know He knows what is best for me and he will show me what true happiness is. There is a quote on Pintrist I see all the time by Mother Theresa "I know God will not give me anything I can not handle, I just wish He wouldn't trust me so much." But alas life goes on and I learn new things each day.

But on to happier things the other thing this year that I have been doing is been going to baby showers and watching babies be born. Well not actually watching but seeing these little bundles of joy with their parents so happy to have them in their lives. I have had many friends have babies. I still am not sure we are old enough to have kids, I can still remember us trying to plan out our lives like it was yesterday. Out of all my friend babies the boys are our out weighing the girls by far. But in my experiences in my life I think this world could use a few more boys. I have not met all the little ones yet but I truly can not wait to meet them. Congratulations to all my friends and loved ones, I can not express how excited I am for all of them to go on this new adventure.

Monday, February 6, 2012

One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out!

So this last weekend my old high school got together some of the alumni softball girls and wanted us to play in a alumni softball game. I was very excited, I have not played softball in a while let alone fast pitch! So I was also a little nervous. But sure enough I went to the field and saw my old friends that I used to play with, and I no longer cared if I was amazing horrible I was just glad to see them and catch up. We also used to have a lot of fun, so I was hopping we would also have a lot of fun!
Well needless to say...we didn't win! I got one hit out of three, one error! So needless to say I didn't get better with age! I was definitely better in high school! Even though we lost we sure had some fun!
Here are all the alumni players that played in the game!
Here are all the sister that played on both teams!
Here is the Triangle. This is the nick name that we gave our selves my junior year. We all three played the same sports and were all on the Varsity teams for all of them. So we hung out all the time. However Nicole who is on the left was a senior so once she graduated we figured that we wouldn't be able to hang out like we did! So we called ourselves the Triangle so we would always be linked! We haven't seen each other since we all graduated so it was good to see them again!
Like I said even though we lost, and I was sooo sore afterward and I have bruises to prove it. We sure had a lot of fun! I really can't wait till next year!

George Strait

So my cousin got some tickets for her birthday! Not just any ticket GEORGE STRAIT tickets! Lets just say I am kinda a big fan! I grew up listening to good old George. So I was just a little bit excited. I am incredibly lucky that I was able to get to go so I thought I would share some pictures!
Here we are! Getting ready for the concert!
Here is a cute old couple that was sitting in front of us with cute matching jackets!
Here is his opening act! Martina McBride!
Here is good old George! For his age he can sure entertain!


So do you remember that I quilt I said that I made a while back. Well its FINALLY done! I am so excited to show it off to you guys! Am I sure where I am going to put it not really! But its done! So here it is!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

HaPpY LaTe NeW YeAr!!!

I can not believe that it is 2012! it seems like just yesterday that I was ringing in the new year for 2011. I am very excited for the new year and all the adventures that I can have. Every year I make new years resolution, and EVERY year I never see them through. So this year I tried to do it a little different so I could possibly see them through... This year instead of doing resolutions for the year I am going to break them down into the months. We will see how long I can do this for. So I am hoping the more people I tell it will hold me more accountable. I know everyone has the same resolutions like losing weight, read the scriptures, pay tithing, etc. So here are some of mine right now.

* Lose weight (preferable 5-10 pounds a month)
*Go to the Temple once a month
*Go on 2 dates a month(It used to be to get married...but if you know me at all that resolution has gone down the drain every year!)
*Go on an adventure every month(whether it doing on a trip to a different state, going somewhere in Arizona that I have never been, or do something I have never done.)

So those are just a few on mine for the year/January. They are not set in stone they will change every month. Lets hope that I can keep them going all year long.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Early Merry Christmas

Okay lets face it I am horrible at updating my blog. I keep saying I will and then it never seems to happen. It also could be that I don't have very much to update you all on, if you know me at all you will know I am not very adventurous. SO since I don't have very much to update you on my life I will update you on my AmAzInG FaMiLy.

First my favorite and only sister: My sister Lauren has been working very hard at her job which is a hair stylist at great clips. She has been there a little over a year and she just got a job promotion to be the manager at her store. She is only 21 and she took on some responsibility. I could not be more happy for her. I now know that it was just an act when we were younger that she would make me do everything for her. :-)

Second is my oldest brother Ryan: I have posted about my amazing brother before on my blog. I can not remember what I said before but if I have said it once I am sorry cause you are going to get it again. Ryan is such an amazing brother he would come and get me in the pouring rain in Mexico if my car broke down. He would be cursing me the entire way but he would be there. He is also a hard worker, amazing father and husband. My wonderful brother has been able to keep his construction job in this amazing economy, so that would tell you how awesome of a worker he is. However he has an amazing opportunity to work at another construction company to do more of what he wants to do instead of messing with the politics at his old job he is now getting to over see more building of homes. I now what ever Ryan does he will be amazing at it.

Third is my older brother Robert: Robert and I are the most alike in our family. We are the quieter ones if the family (and you all know how quite i am so you can just imagine how the other two are!) We have more of the Connolly physical features over the Stokes. We also ride with the punches where the other two do the same but with a little more force. You would think that it would not be possible to have two awesome brothers but Heavenly Father has blessed me with two. Robert has been working himself to death working a full time job and going to school to be a fire fighter. Well his hard work has paid off, he recently got hired as a fire fighter in Cottonwood. He is such an example to me to find something I love and work very hard to get it. Now when I see my brother talk about his work he has a huge smile on his face and can't wait to get back and help people.

Fourth is my dad: He has not had any big changes in his life either but he has shown he how generous and caring and giving he is. He is all through the year but around this time he makes his wishes known. all he wants for Christmas is no presents but for us to help out the people that need it. I know that he loves me and wants only good things for me. He is such an example to me and has so many qualities that I hope I can find in my husband.

Fifth and final I am going to tell you about my brilliant mother: my mom has always been a hard worker. She has been there for all of our games, plays, and school activities. One thing my mom has done is she decided that she was going back to school to become a teacher. Once she got married to my dad they started a family and was unable to finish. So I when I was a senior in high school she decided that she wanted to finish her degree. Three years later she finished her goal. She got her teaching degree and became a teacher. If that was not enough she went back to school and got her masters degree. Yesterday my mom graduated from NAU with her masters degree. I am so proud of her and the determination that she had to finish her degree with a full time job and family.

Here is a picture to show off my amazing family. Here we all our last Christmas getting ready for the Polar Express.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Please remember this time is not about the presents but His presence.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arn't We Cute

Robert and Ryan Lindsey and LaurenOur picture was done about 20 years ago my brothers picture was about 25 years ago. My mother has had these up on her wall ever since these were taken. If this doesn't scream 70's or 80's I don't know what does. But recently I re-did our pictures had them re-framed and turned into sepia instead of full color. They turned out pretty good. I just thought to share with you all to show how cute kids we all were! Of course I am a little bias. But I am not the only one, I got so many compliments on them! So I thought that I would share how cute we were with you all!